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Posts tagged with ‘Automation’

  • Is it true that automation kills jobs?

    By | 09. Sep 2019

    Whether or not automation kills jobs is a hotly debated issue in our current economy. The answer: It is less dramatic than it may appear.

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  • Process excellence - header

    What makes processes excellent?

    By | 01. Aug 2019

    What does process excellence mean? Which factors of digital analysis make processes excellent? The answer: efficiency, standards and automation.

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  • ProcessMining_ESOAR

    Efficient Processes through Process Mining and ESOAR

    By | 22. Jul 2019

    Capgemini’s ESOAR framework supports you in all areas of process management, from analysis to optimization and automation of your standardized business processes, for example with RPA.

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  • Process Mining RPA KI AI Lana Enabler Improve

    How does RPA benefit from Process Mining?

    By | 09. Apr 2019

    Process Mining provides you with a decisive advantage in the implementation of RPA. Find out here how LANA creates foundations, facts and visions.

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  • Robotic Process Automation RPA Process Mining

    What is RPA?

    By | 29. Mar 2019

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is currently one of the most discussed topics in digital transformation. We explain what RPA is in the following blog article.

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  • Produktion_Chemie

    What is Smart Process Control?

    By | 12. Nov 2018

    What is #SmartProcessControl? What can the technology do and what are the limitations to overcome? Answers to these questions using a practical example can be found in the blog!

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