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Posts tagged with ‘Data Analysis’

  • Process Mining Prozessauswahl

    Process Mining: Which processes can be analyzed?

    By | 05. Jun 2019

    The process selection is the first step of every analysis. The question that often arises in Process Mining: Which processes are suitable for analysis?

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  • Process Mining Glossary

    Understanding Process Mining – The Process Mining Glossary

    By | 29. May 2019

    Discover the Lana Labs Process Mining Glossary and become an expert in process management, data analysis and process excellence.

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  • Understanding Data – From Data Mining to Process Mining

    By | 12. Feb 2019

    We compare Data Mining and Process Mining methodically and check at which point Process Mining has developed into an almost independent discipline.

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  • Data Science

    Why every company needs Data Scientists

    By | 21. Jan 2019

    Data scientists are in demand more than ever. Let’s take a look at which questions Data Scientists answer and what value they actually provide for the company.

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