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  • Process_Mining_LANA_IDs_Transformation

    Data Transformation and Case IDs

    By | 21. Nov 2019

    Learn how to get well-transformed data and case IDs for your process mining start.

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  • Data Thinking - agile design

    Data Thinking: Agility in Digital Transformation

    By | 06. Aug 2019

    Data Thinking combines Design Thinking with the CRISP-DM Data Mining approach to sustainably and strategically boost business development.

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  • Market Guide Process Mining – Gartner Future

    The Gartner Market Guide – Recommendations in Process Mining

    By | 27. Jun 2019

    The Gartner Market Guide Process Mining shows in which directions the market for process analysis is moving. In focus: customer-oriented processes.

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  • Process Mining P2P – Cash Discount

    Process Mining in P2P – High Savings through Optimized Procurement

    By | 25. Mar 2019

    The procurement process is one of the central business processes in every organization. But how can LANA Process Mining optimize P2P?

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  • digital transformation strategy – process mining

    Digital Transformation Step by Step – with Process Mining

    By | 04. Mar 2019

    Digital revolution is imminent for all companies. But where to start? Process Mining is the perfect companion through digital transformation.

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