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Posts tagged with ‘Market’

  • Future Process Mining

    Gartner and Wil van der Aalst – The Future of Process Mining

    By | 02. Jul 2019

    Gartner talks with Prof. Wil van der Aalst about the future of process mining. The innovation: machine learning and conformance checking.

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  • lana labs office

    Gartner names LANA as pioneer in Process Mining

    By | 24. Jun 2019

    According to the Gartner Market Guide Process Mining, Lana Labs focuses far more than other vendors on intelligent data transformation.

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  • Process Mining in Hospitals - Professional

    Process Mining in hospitals – Efficient care for patients

    By | 06. May 2019

    LANA Process Mining ensures optimized processes and more efficiency in a hospital’s emergency admission. The result: better care for patients.

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  • Lana Labs Penguins - Colony

    Lana Labs Penguins – Sustainability in Tech

    By | 05. Feb 2019

    How does Lana Labs combine the focus on abstract data analytics with sustainability and environmental action? Learn about our very own penguin colony!

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