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Posts tagged with ‘Process Discovery’

  • Process Simulation mit echten Daten dank Process Mining

    How does Process Mining support the simulation of business processes?

    By | 14. Jun 2019

    Process Mining improves the simulation of business processes with real data. How do simulation, processes and Machine Learning work together?

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  • Risk Management Process Mining – Lana Labs – Prevention

    Minimize risks with Process Mining

    By | 26. Apr 2019

    LANA Process Mining enables process managers to proactively identify, optimize and prevent risks from the outset.

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  • 7 Gründe für LANA Process Mining

    7 Reasons to get started with LANA Process Mining right now

    By | 04. Oct 2018

    7 reasons to get started with #LANA #ProcessMining now. Frequent #innovations, multi-source approach, know-how transfer… what is important to you? We offer the solution.

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