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Posts tagged with ‘Process Excellence’

  • Process excellence - header

    What makes processes excellent?

    By | 01. Aug 2019

    What does process excellence mean? Which factors of digital analysis make processes excellent? The answer: efficiency, standards and automation.

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  • Kunden-orientierte Prozesse

    Discover the USPs of your Process

    By | 12. Jun 2019

    With LANA Process Mining you focus your processes on the most important success factor: the customer. Optimize customer-oriented with LANA.

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  • Process Mining in Hospitals - Professional

    Process Mining in hospitals – Efficient care for patients

    By | 06. May 2019

    LANA Process Mining ensures optimized processes and more efficiency in a hospital’s emergency admission. The result: better care for patients.

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  • agil process mining

    Realizing agility: Process Mining for an agile organization

    By | 26. Feb 2019

    We take a closer look at the principles on which Agile Management is based. And how these approaches can be effectively implemented with Process Mining.

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  • Was macht Process Mining nicht – Missverständnis

    What does Process Mining not do? – 5 Misunderstandings cleared up

    By | 11. Jan 2019

    New technologies are often prone to misunderstandings. Is Process Mining only a marginal phenomenon, or the all-purpose solution for process analysis? What does Process Mining do, or better: What does it not do?

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  • Conformance Checking - LANA Process Mining

    How to find critical process deviations – Conformance Checking with LANA Process Mining

    By | 21. Dec 2018

    Conformance Checking is at the core of any process optimization strategy. Easier said than done? Let’s look at six steps you can take to analyze your process conformance in LANA Process Mining.

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