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Three reasons why the energy industry needs to modernize

Three reasons why the energy industry needs to modernize
October 15, 2018 Jonny

Benefit from the Energy Revolution with Process Mining

Hardly any other sector is undergoing as profound change as the energy sector – government regulations favoring the transformation of energy systems are increasingly liberalizing the market. New energy suppliers are positioning themselves as pioneers of digitization, thus increasing the pressure on the competition.

Companies need new, innovative solutions in order to remain competitive under continuously changing competitive conditions. Three industry trends are making process analysis with process mining increasingly attractive for suppliers.

Process Mining erneuerbare Energien

1. Legislative changes in energy policy

The energy revolution in Germany is increasingly being driven by legislation. With the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) of 2017, sustainable energies are to be brought more strongly to the market and effective annual volume control implemented.

As a result, it is no longer the state but the market that determines the promotion of renewable energy plant construction. At the same time, the conditions for participation in tenders will be made easier. While the end consumer benefits from the falling price, the competitive situation for suppliers is becoming more and more acute.

More competitive with Process Mining

Since the implementation of the EEG, suppliers have been in direct competition for state subsidies for plant construction. Accordingly, effective and cost-efficient business processes may not only mean a competitive advantage, but can also be decisive for obtaining state subsidies.

With Process Mining, companies can optimize their processes so that they can offer services more cheaply without effectively making losses. Process analysis makes it possible to uncover potential savings and make processes more effective and focused. At the same time, providers can check whether they are within the legal framework or whether they are adapting problematic processes.

Energiewende 1
Energiewende 2

2. Competition is intensifying

With the liberalisation of the energy market, the concentration and composition of suppliers has changed – the number of competing companies, in particular discounters, has risen sharply in recent years. New brands no longer emerge from traditional energy groups, but increasingly from other sectors. Currently, low-cost suppliers in the electricity and gas market are price leaders, pursuing a rapid expansion of their customer base and often leading the rankings of broker platforms (such as Verivox or Check24) via bonuses and similar discounts.

Identify your own strengths with Process Mining

Process Mining not only helps to identify the vulnerabilities in business processes, but also to recognize the potential of the processes and to carry out corresponding optimizations and strategy adjustments. By concentrating on the most efficient processes, users can find a suitable competitive strategy for their services or products. For example, strategic alternatives to participating in price competition can be developed in order to identify individual differentiation opportunities in the market.

3. Change quotas on the rise

With a large selection of suppliers with similar offers, it is often difficult for customers to decide on a brand. For example, the amount of a premium or bonus can be decisive for the customer’s decision. Some customers even go so far as to change their electricity and gas supplier regularly in order to benefit from additional offers. Accordingly, acquiring new customers is becoming increasingly expensive for companies and maintaining existing customers is getting more difficult.

Energiewende Akquise

Acquire customers sustainably

With Process Mining, companies can analyze and check their acquisition processes by performing a target-actual comparison based on the process data. In this way, deviations can be identified and eliminated and targeted optimizations can be implemented. While many providers focus on successful acquisition, which is becoming increasingly resource-intensive, there is still plenty of scope for optimization within existing customer care. Process Mining serves as a basis for optimal customer service.

We know the energy industry not only in theory, but also in practice!

Find out how energy companies were able to analyze and optimize relevant business processes with LANA Process Mining. In our Use Cases, the value added is illustrated by practical examples.

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