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Universal Process Mining: Data Analysis without Coding Skills

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Whether in production, development, marketing or sales – decisions based on solid facts and figures are more soundly based than those based on gut feelings. However, the data required for such analyses is usually hidden in a multitude of different IT systems. Extracting it is usually unfeasible for business users as well as very time-consuming and costly for IT. With LANA Connect, Lana Labs now offers a new software that makes process analyses in heterogeneous IT system landscapes easy and fast, with no coding skills required.

In many companies, the reality is that data is available but often cannot be readily used for process visualization. That is why business users are often forced to first commission IT with the task of accessing and preparing data – a process that unnecessarily costs time and uses up resources. Enter LANA Connect. The so-called ETL tool – an application that extracts, transforms and loads data (extract, transform, load; ETL) – reduces complexity and establishes a connection between the data. Tables and correlations can be assigned and merged without coding skills on an easily understandable interface. The result is correlated data, which LANA Connect then automatically prepares for the process analysis. The tool focuses on the concrete application. This reduces complexity and creates a no-code/low-code approach that enables even business users without IT or process mining know-how to carry out complex data transformations independently. This eliminates support by an IT system expert or data analyst and the associated costs.

LANA Connect enables business users with no coding skills to carry out data transformations on their own

Uncomplicated and effective data analysis

Without LANA Connect, users may wait some time for IT experts to become available. Often, implementation projects take weeks or months to complete. This is because large amounts of data have to be first merged from different sources using time-consuming copy/paste routines. With LANA Connect, this is a thing of the past. The software solution offers a simple procedure for designing configurable and reusable templates for standard queries. Once a transformation process is created, any number of options can be added and used as needed. Templates for basic transformations can be shared within the company and adapted by colleagues to their use cases

“With the help of LANA Connect, a user can upload Excel data, for example, which LANA Connect then transforms, making it fit for process mining – without any coding skills, without IT expertise, user-friendly, fast and super simple,” says Anna Grünwald. Anna works in the Process and Financial Controlling department at Berliner Wasserbetriebe, and already works with the tool. “By automating the preparation and retrieval of data from various sources, LANA Connect opens up process mining to all business users without blocking IT capacity and incurring costs,” adds Dr. Thomas Lutterbeck from Lana Labs, and continues: “This creates the possibility of making decisions based on data throughout the company, which has a positive effect on a company’s competitiveness.  

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