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Gartner and Wil van der Aalst – The Future of Process Mining

Gartner and Wil van der Aalst – The Future of Process Mining
July 2, 2019 Jonny

The Gartner Tech Trends and the new Market Guide for Process Mining describe Process Mining as an innovative technology that is decisive for competitiveness. However, it is quickly forgotten that the method was developed over 20 years ago by Prof. Wil van der Aalst. In a new interview with Gartner, Prof. van der Aalst looks at the developments of the past decades – and what the future of process mining might look like.

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Growing importance – Process Mining is expanding in all dimensions

The acceptance and use of Process Mining in companies began more slowly than initially expected. However, both the Gartner Market Guide and the increasing attention for vendors like Lana Labs are proving this: The trend points rapidly upwards. More and more companies are recognizing the significant benefits of automated process analysis: higher efficiency, less resource consumption, stronger standardization. According to Prof. van der Aalst: “the process mining discipline expanded in several dimensions”.

This also applies to the use cases of the technology. While classic cases such as process discovery and general performance analyses are now covered by most providers, the market has changed. New approaches are required to utilize the full potential of process data with process mining today.

Future Process Mining

New focus points – Conformance Checking and Machine Learning

In order to keep up with the challenges of digital transformation, both companies and process mining providers must stay on the ball. At the cutting edge of these developments are vendors such as Lana Labs. The new focus on conformance checking and the use of machine learning give users a clear competitive advantage.

Process Mining today has to be capable of more than just finding bottlenecks. This is why advanced tools like LANA break new ground in process analysis. In addition to the performance of business processes, LANA also checks conformance in the automated target-actual comparison. This means that the tool no longer only answers the question: What goes wrong?, but also: How can it go better?

Prof. Wil van der Aalst also sees enormous potential in the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Tools such as LANA Process Mining use intelligent algorithms to cover not only “backward-looking” analyses, but also proactive, preventive process analytics. The further the technology develops, the more the software can predict. (Read more in our white paper: Digital Process Twins.)

LANA overcomes the biggest challenge – Effective data transformation

Wil van der Aalst - Portrait

Prof. Wil van der Aalst

Prof. van der Aalst sees more to come in the future than just sunshine for the further development of process mining. However, the problem points are not so much the possible functionalities of the tools. In process mining projects, too much time and effort is still lost on data transformation – before the first process has even been analyzed. An efficient ETL process is therefore essential. In addition, this inevitably leads to better data quality for the user.

The Gartner Market Guide for Process Mining confirms this: Lana Labs is a pioneer in this field. Lana Labs specializes in fast and complete extraction, transformation and validation of data, relieving customers of up to 80% of the usual project workload.

The insights of process mining luminary Prof. Wil van der Aalst show: Suppliers such as Lana Labs are breaking new ground in process analysis. We would be happy to take you with us. Book an individual, free product demo with our process experts today!